Sunday, April 25, 2010

No News is (still) Good News - by Killeen

In our adoption agency's manual, we were cautioned about when to announce that we were adopting. Because processes can move so slow, we were presented with the notion that it can become frustrating to continuously answer "no, we haven't heard anything yet..." as we wait for our child.

We have a long way to go, and maybe I'll answer this differently in another few months, but for now I am not the least bit discouraged by inquisitive friends and family. There may be nothing new to report pertaining to the progress of our actual adoption, but every conversation I have about the process in general gives me a surge of excitement. I get a lot of different questions and comments, and I feel like I learn more about how the experience is affecting me with each insightful discussion. I am surprised by how many friends mention their own desire to adopt. To help influence another couple/person to adopt a child of their own is something that means as much to me as my own adoption does. Patrick and I hope that this blog will not only help our fundraising efforts, but also help to educate others about adoption in general. The motivation to adopt is something that can only come from within, but I think the kick-start relies on external factors.

So, where was I?? I suppose it's untruthful to say that there is nothing new to report... We did recently receive our homestudy evaluation. A homestudy is where a local social worker visits and interviews us, collects information on our financial, health and family background, and puts together a report that recommends us as adoptive parent candidates. It was pretty cool to see in writing that we pass as "good parents." It seems funny to have to go through such a rigmarole to prove our capabilities when just one look at Zinnia is all the proof a person should need. Surprisingly, the report only mentioned once that Zinnia was a delightful, well adjusted infant. While the focus of the write-up was completely on us, I'd like to think Zinnia made it easy for the social worker to deem us fit for parenthood. All the same, it was interesting to see that when all was said and done, the notoriously "scary" homestudy was actually just the social worker's shot at portraying us in the most positive light she was able. I forget sometimes that, second to the best interests of our prospective child, all parties share the same goal: finding a willing, able family for a child without.

On another note, I'm happy to report that our online shop's Facebook debut generated 6 sales! 4 of those sales were to people I did not know, which means that those who shared the website on their own pages are responsible for our success! As a result, I've been able to purchase more supplies to help to get a good inventory base of hats and barrettes established, as well as some labels to help with advertising. Please continue to share the website and help Path to Acacia take off! I've added some new items... check them out at I wore some of my new pansy clips out yesterday, and received flattery from a pedicurist, a grocery clerk, a few children, and even a Harley-esque biker. Doesn't get more honest than that, right? :)

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  1. Hey Patrick & Killeen,
    I'm Mandy, Mike's wife - we met at Jeff & Sabrina's wedding. Just wanted to write to say I'm SO excited for you & your family! My oldest nephew, Nicholas, is adopted from Cambodia and the experience of Nick becoming ours, becoming so connected to him from the start, and watching him grow up (he's 11 now!) has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my lifetime. He's beyond special - as all kids are! - compassionate, wildly curious, sensitive, an artist at heart.

    My sister and her family (+ two more kids & husband) have been through lots of the concerns you raise here and are available to you as a great resource if you need support and happily share your joy when you meet your daughter! (Suzanne,

    But mostly, congratulations and I'm so happy for you three! Can't wait for your "Family Day!" I hope someday, after this little one is born (22 weeks so far), we'll have a "Family Day" with our own adopted kiddo, too.