Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good thing I like flowers... (by Killeen)

...because I'm all but swimming in them. It's been a really busy month for Path to Acacia, with over $300 in sales! It's been hard to juggle the full time job, the 18 month old beauty running circles around me, making all the flowers, and constant trips to the craft store for more supplies. But, the goal at the end of the proverbial path is keeping me motivated.

I've made several custom orders, which is a little more work (as I'm still building my flower bank and often don't have what I need on hand) - but is by all means my favorite way to work. I love seeing just the right flower on just the right person. :)

I've recently added headbands to this collection of floral fancies. They are by far the most dramatic selection of the adult-sized accessories, and they're really fun to wear. Check them out at And, if you'd like something custom, I will gladly work with you to create the right look.

And there you have the business report for Path to Acacia. As for the adoption, we're getting our medical letters notarized this week, which actually involves BRINGING a notary with us to the doctor's office. They sure don't make this stuff easy. The department of homeland security has cashed our check for fingerprinting, so we should have that appointment scheduled soon, and then... it all gets sent for review, and we should be officially on the list of waiting families.

Thanks for following - stay tuned for more updates soon.

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